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Personal Branding


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Ridge Krauss shows the success of one of his clients in his new podcast episode.

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Tony and Megan Flores present their new podcast "Make it Work".

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Thomas interviews Eric Schaefer, a young real estate entrepreneur who transitioned from wholesaling to becoming a real estate agent

Expert Reels

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Use this one tip to make your videos of that much better. Break your speech down into bite sized pieces.

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Piecing together a film—whether it's a passion project, a wedding, or a narrative piece—is pure magic.

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Its really that simple....

Youtube Talking Head


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Quick answers on making your videos shine with our editing magic!

  • Can I use one account for both personal and business use?
    Absolutely! We always recommend that you indicate the difference between them when ordering the content. The project manager will work with you to ensure that all your orders are correctly organized.
  • What type of videos can the team edit?
    Our team can handle ALL of your video needs. Podcasts, Youtube videos, event highlights, short form content are amongst a few of the types of content that the team can edit. We also cut your longer form content into short engaging reels and tiktoks to help you grow your audience and maximize your time.
  • How many videos can I expect per month?
    The time it takes to edit a video greatly depends on the intensity and length of the video. As a reference point it takes 1-2 hours to complete a basic short form edit and can take 3-4 hours to complete a ~30 minute podcast.
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