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Create Influence & Attract More Business

on Social Media

The Focus Is On You and Your Brand

Unlock the Power of Short-Form Video and 10x Your Leads Without Paid Ads

Giving business owners their time back, building personal brand celebrity, and multiplying leads through short-form vertical video content.

How It Works


Strategy Workshop

Kickstart monthly with a focused workshop where we align on your brand, audience, and goals. Together, we'll craft a targeted video strategy, identifying trends and defining objectives.


Record Videos

Armed with our pro tips and tools, capture engaging content. Whether you're a camera veteran or a newbie, our guidelines ensure every recording hits the mark.


Upload Clips

Easily upload your footage to our streamlined portal. Organized and accessible, it sets the stage for our editing expertise.


Editing Engine

Our skilled editors take over, molding your raw clips into refined videos. With tailored transitions, graphics, and sound, your brand's essence will radiate.


Download & Post

Once polished, access and download your content from our portal. Now, you're set to captivate your audience on any platform.

Strategy & Solutions

Transforming Ideas into Visual Mastery

Elevate your brand's narrative with MarketU's unparalleled video editing expertise. Dive into a world where your message resonates vividly, captivating audiences every step of the way.

How We Serve

We Focus On Delivering 

Your Message

We understand that each industry possesses its unique challenges and opportunities. Our tailored video editing services cater precisely to the distinct needs of three main industries found below.


Influencers, Coaches & Thought-Leaders

In an age of digital dominance, these leaders require impeccable content that resonates with their audience, amplifying their message and extending their reach. We help craft videos that position them at the forefront of their niches.


Service Professionals & Small Businesses

For those offering specialized services or products, conveying expertise and trustworthiness is paramount. Our video edits are designed to showcase their proficiency, driving customer engagement and loyalty.


Travel, Experience & Hospitality

In these industries, the essence is to sell an experience, a dream. We curate video content that not just advertises, but transports viewers to desired destinations, compelling them to explore and indulge firsthand.

Membership Plans

Benefits Include:

✔ Trained Expert Editor | Assuring quality in every edit.

Monthly Group Strategy Session Collaborate and align your visions.

Editing Hub & Slack Channel | Streamline communication and video management.

Viral Video Strategy Playbook | Learn the secrets to creating buzz-worthy content.

Unlimited RevisionsFine-tune until it's absolutely perfect.

24-48 Hour Turnaround Quick, efficient, and on time.

Recommended To Start



1,500 Monthly Credits

Step up your game with features tailored for serious content creators. The Creator package offers everything in the Essentials plus:


✔  All Benefits Above

✔  Dedicated Video Editor | Your personal expert focused solely on your projects.

✔  Expedited Turnaround | Get your content even faster, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Learn More



800 Monthly Credits

The perfect starting point for those keen to venture into the world of polished video content. The Essentials package offers:

✔  All Benefits Above

Learn More



2,800 Monthly Credits

For those ready to dominate their niche, the Influencer package provides a comprehensive suite. Enjoy all the perks from the Essentials and Creator packages, along with:

✔  All Benefits Above

✔  Dedicated Video Editor

✔  Expedited Turnaround


✔  Dedicated Project Manager | A personal touchpoint ensuring your projects run smoothly

✔  300 Bonus Credits | Extra value & services

Learn More

Social Media Optimized Videos

Short-Form Content

/ Standard Reels

  • Swift Impact: Instantly captures audience attention, ideal for the digital age's brief attention spans.

  • Boosted Exposure: Optimized for and favored by trending platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Short-Form Content

/ Expert Reels

  • Engaging Medium: Audio format that cultivates and nurtures a dedicated listener base over time.

  • Versatile Consumption: Tailored for audiences on-the-move, allowing for passive listening during commutes, workouts, or chores.

Short-Form Content

/ Podcasts

  • Engaging Medium: Audio format that cultivates and nurtures a dedicated listener base over time.

  • Versatile Consumption: Tailored for audiences on-the-move, allowing for passive listening during commutes, workouts, or chores.

Long-Form Content

/ Youtube Videos

  • Detailed Content: Provides a platform for in-depth exploration, storytelling, and education.

  • Revenue Potential: Offers avenues for monetization through YouTube's ad system and partnerships.

Short-Form Content

/ Event Highlights

  • Recap Magic: Skillfully condenses hours of events into memorable, shareable moments.

  • Marketing Tool: Acts as a powerful promotional asset, generating excitement and anticipation for subsequent events.


/ Thumbnails

  • Click Magnet: Strategically designed to immediately draw viewer attention, increasing click-through rates.

  • Content Preview: Visually sets the tone and expectations for the video, enticing potential viewers.

At MarketU, we don't just edit videos – we breathe life into your vision. Experience the magic of storytelling sharpened to perfection, and watch your engagement soar.

Relatability + Connection

Crafting Stories, One Edit at a Time

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